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    Using a merger green hydrogen platform H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies will become public

    H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies, a company specializing in green hydrogen, has agreed to merge with RMG Acquisition Corp III and become publicly traded on NASDAQ.


    As part of the agreement, H2B2’s stockholders will transfer 100% of their equity holdings to the newly formed public company.


    H2B2 has established itself as a major player in the green hydrogen sector since its establishment in 2016, with a focus on markets in the US and Europe, as well as expanding into Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.


    H2B2 has also been selected to participate in the IPCEI Hy2Tech programme, which has approved funding of up to €25m for the company’s development and manufacturing capabilities for stacks and electrolyzers.


    Bob Mancini, Chief executive of RMG III, said “RMG III and H2B2 are dedicated to accelerating the energy transition through the advancement of next-generation energy infrastructure.”


    “As a pioneer in the development of green hydrogen production facilities, and supported by an industry leading team, we are confident that H2B2 is well positioned to further expand and execute on its impressive pipeline of opportunities.”


    Anselmo Andrade, Chief executive of H2B2, added “With the operations that we have underway, we are seeking to strengthen not only the international business that we are currently developing, but our operational capacity worldwide.”


    “The business and technological development of H2B2 will be bolstered as a result of this transaction with RMG III, thus making the energy vector of hydrogen key to decarbonization.”


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