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    US Hydrogen pact forged between Topsoe, ABB & Fluor

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    Topsoe, ABB, and the engineering, procurement, and construction firm Fluor have entered into an alliance to create a standardized concept for constructing Topsoe’s upcoming SOEC factory.


    This collaboration aims to develop Topsoe’s solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC) factory in Virginia, USA, pending a final investment decision, utilizing a standardized methodology.


    The goal of this partnership is to continuously improve processes to lower costs, enhance safety, and ensure efficient project execution through standardization.


    The factory, slated to become operational by 2028, will produce electrolysers for green hydrogen production.


    Green hydrogen and its derivatives, such as green ammonia and eMethanol, can serve as e-fuels or chemicals, which are essential for decarbonising energy-intensive industries and long-distance transportation.


    Topsoe is in the process of building its first SOEC factory in Herning, Denmark, which is expected to commence operations by late 2024.


    Drawing on the experience from the Herning production hub, the alliance will have the expertise to construct the next factory more efficiently using a standardized approach, the consortium stated.


    According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Global Hydrogen Review 2023, hydrogen production could reach 38 million tonnes per year by 2030, with nearly 75% derived from electrolysers powered by renewable energy.


    Topsoe’s chief executive of Power-to-X, Kim Hedegaard, commented “We’re committed to take a leading role in driving the energy transition forward.


    “E-fuels are an important part of the equation to reach global net zero in 2050, and we need to scale electrolyser capacity and production of e-fuels at a higher pace than is happening today.


    “Our SOEC solutions for production of green hydrogen can deliver a substantial contribution to the e-fuels economy and with the alliance we can build our next SOEC factory more efficient and faster.”


    ABB Energy Industries president Brandon Spencer remarked “Progressing the energy transition at any acceptable pace and scale will require collaboration and balance between existing and new technologies, driven by formal partnerships that span the entire energy value chain.


    “By joining forces with Topsoe and Fluor and delivering our automation and electrical expertise as part of this alliance, we can support the scaling of technology to enable society’s efforts to move towards a net-zero future.”


    President of Fluor’s advanced technologies & life sciences business Richard Meserole stated “Fluor is proud to be part of this collaboration supporting the state-of-the-art production of electrolysers for green hydrogen as part of the global energy transition. Fluor looks forward to continuing to help our clients and partners achieve their decarbonisation goals.”


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