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    The OranjeWind floating solar farm has been revealed

    The Nautical SUNRISE initiative, backed by €6.8 million from the Horizon Europe program and a total budget of €8.4 million, is set to finance the development of a 5MW offshore floating solar system. This system will be implemented within RWE’s 800MW OranjeWind (Hollandse Kust West VII) wind farm off the coast of the Netherlands.


    Launched in December 2023, the project aims to advance research and development in offshore floating solar (OFS) systems and their components.


    RWE will contribute to the investment required for the installation and deployment of the system, which will be electrically integrated, certified, and situated within the existing offshore wind farm. The solar panels for the project will be supplied by the Dutch company SolarDuck.


    The successful outcomes of the Nautical SUNRISE project are anticipated to facilitate the widespread deployment and commercialization of OFS systems, both as standalone arrays and as integrated components of offshore wind farms.


    Prior to the offshore installation, the Nautical SUNRISE consortium will conduct thorough research and testing to ensure the reliability, survivability, electrical stability, and overall yield of offshore floating solar systems. A comprehensive scale-up plan will address challenges and create opportunities to drive the commercialization of these systems.


    The project is committed to prioritizing sustainability by assessing the environmental impact, circularity, and full life cycle sustainability of offshore floating solar systems. This assessment will encompass not only the demonstrator project but also multiple GW-scale commercial projects, aiming for a holistic understanding of the ecological implications of the technology.


    Don Hoogendoorn, SolarDuck chief technology officer commented “This subsidy allows SolarDuck with its partners to push the environmental boundary of the design and at the same time get an in-depth understanding of the ecological and reliability of the design.”


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