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    Offshore collaboration between Vår Energi , Source Galileo and Odfjell Oceanwind

    A consortium made up of Source Galileo and Odfjell Oceanwind is developing the GoliatVIND wind park project, which aims to build three to five floating wind units, each containing a 15MW wind turbine generator, with the earliest operational startup in 2026.


    Deepsea Star, a floating wind foundation from Odfjell Oceanwind, has been chosen for the GoliatVIND wind park in the Barents Sea, which is now in the design stages.


    GoliatVIND, which is situated at 71°N in the Barents Sea, is intended to provide grid connectivity via the Goliat FPSO to the Hammerfest region. Potentially becoming the first offshore wind park in the Arctic, GoliatVIND.


    The 300–400 metre water depth in the vicinity is ideal for Odfjell Oceanwind’s Deepsea Star design.


    The Goliat FPSO is owned by Vår Energi and Equinor, which have given the GoliatVIND consortium permission to link to the onshore grid using the Goliat FPSO’s cable infrastructure.


    Per Lund, CEO of Odfjell Oceanwind, said “GoliatVIND represents a perfect stepping-stone for Odfjell Oceanwind to demonstrate our Deepsea Star design, including our supply chain and our ability to deliver projects in a safe and reliable manner.”


    “The Odfjell companies have long experience in operating steel semisubmersibles in the arctic Barents region, and we look forward to working closely with our project development partner Source Galileo to realise this project.”



    Gunnar Birkeland, CEO of Source Galileo Norge, says “GoliatVIND is a very exciting, yet challenging project for Source Galileo. Subject to final investment decisions, it will be our first floating offshore wind project.”


    “The location outside Finnmark north of Norway represents challenging environmental conditions, but the local infrastructure like ports and bases are representative of what we will face when developing similar projects across Europe. The knowledge we will gain together with Odfjell Oceanwind from developing and executing a project like this is invaluable for our journey towards floating offshore wind becoming an important part of the future energy mix.”


    A final investment decision for GoliatVIND is contingent on the project’s continued development, which may include but is not limited to regulatory clarifications with relevant authorities, an environmental impact assessment, active communication with other Barents Sea users like fisheries, and the consortium’s ability to show that the project will be profitable.


    Odfjell Oceanwind is a Norwegian expert in floating offshore wind. It combines more than 20 years of experience in developing floating offshore wind solutions with more than 50 years of maritime history and competence in designing, constructing, and operating floating units in challenging situations. There are offices for Odfjell Oceanwind in Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo, and Aberdeen.


    A developer and investor in renewable energy systems, such as solar, battery, hydrogen, and onshore and offshore wind, Source Galileo is based in Europe. Source Galileo Norge is in charge of the nation’s floating offshore wind projects and has its headquarters in Haugesund. About 20 individuals work for the organisation, which has offices in Dublin, Haugesund, and London. They have a wealth of knowledge in the design, building, and management of offshore wind parks.


    Oceanwind and Source, Odfjell Galileo is creating floating wind farms in Norway and intends to compete for the seabed lease on Utsira Nord.


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