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    Lego bricks helped to go green by European Energy

    Lego and the manufacturer of pharmaceuticals Novo Nordisk have contracts with European Energy for the delivery of e-methanol, which will help both industries use fewer fossil fuels in the creation of plastics.


    The e-methanol will be created in the PtX facilities owned and operated by European Energy in Kass, Aabenraa, Denmark.


    The creation of e-methanol will be based on the utilisation of renewable energy from wind and solar power plants, which will first be used to electrolyze green hydrogen to create e-methanol, which also needs biogenic CO2.


    The first batch is anticipated to be delivered in 2024.


    The largest toy manufacturer in the world and the manufacturer of medical devices will be able to switch over to lower-carbon alternatives in the future instead of using some fossil-based plastic in their manufacturing processes.


    Novo Nordisk has made a step towards replacing plastic made from fossil fuels in medical devices like insulin pens with sources that emit less carbon dioxide.


    In order to build some of the pieces in its portfolio, the Lego Group will investigate the possibility of employing e-methanol, and it plans to create prototypes over the next few years with an eye towards commercialization down the road.


    Both businesses are seeking to make investments in technologies that foster information exchange and hasten the development of the entire sector.


    Vice President of Materials at Lego Group, Nelleke van der Puil, said “We are proud to join forces with European Energy and Novo Nordisk to accelerate research and progress in the development of lower-carbon plastics.”


    “As part of our commitment to building a sustainable future for children, we have committed to making our products from more sustainable materials.”


    “The project will give us our third sustainable material we’ve developed alongside bio-PE and prototype bricks made from recycled PET.”


    “This agreement is an exciting step towards our ambition.”


    Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy, said “The use of plastic is an integrated part of the modern world, not only in our daily lives but also in industrial processes and equipment.”


    “Novo Nordisk and the Lego Group are already leading the way into the future in various ways, and now even more by joining this cooperation.”


    “This is relevant for all industries keen on transitioning away from fossil fuels.”


    Vice President of Corporate Environmental Strategy at Novo Nordisk, Dorethe Nielsen, said “We wish to drive the decarbonisation of our business forward, and as a producer of plastic devices we wish to reduce the use of fossil plastics by engaging with suppliers in our value chain that can provide the necessary solutions such as e-methanol for plastic production.”


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