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    JERA introduces new player in the global renewable energy sector

    JERA has launched a global renewable energy enterprise headquartered in London, UK. Named JERA Nex, this entity will engage in the development, investment, ownership, and operation of various renewable energy assets, encompassing offshore and onshore wind, solar, and battery storage.


    Nathalie Oosterlinck, who serves as Head of Global Renewables at JERA, will assume the position of CEO of JERA Nex.


    In July 2023, JERA acquired Parkwind, the largest offshore wind platform in Belgium, thereby increasing its total renewable installed capacity to 3GW. JERA Nex will inherit the majority of operational assets and a development pipeline of 10GW established by JERA.


    The goal of JERA is to achieve 20GW of renewable capacity by 2035, and to reach this target, JERA Nex will explore potential acquisitions and partnerships to bolster its pipeline beyond 2035.


    Located in London, JERA Nex will capitalize on the UK’s proficiency in financing and developing renewable projects, while also tapping into its talent pool to enhance capabilities in key markets and expand globally.


    The establishment of JERA Nex is founded on the belief that a nimble, adept team of renewables experts, supported by a global integrated energy company, is crucial for rapidly scaling up a renewables portfolio. This initiative aligns with JERA’s overarching vision to accelerate the growth of its clean energy portfolio and is anticipated to significantly contribute to JERA’s Zero CO2 Emissions 2050 Roadmap.


    Global CEO and Chair of JERA, Yukio Kani, mentioned “We have outlined a vision to reach zero emissions by 2050, and the birth of JERA Nex plays a critical role in our strategic pillars for delivering that ambition.”


    “JERA Nex will enable us to draw upon expertise from across the world to develop renewable projects, forge partnerships, and build assets that contribute to a future of decarbonised energy with sustainability, affordability and stability.”


    Nathalie Oosterlinck added “With the launch of JERA Nex, we are bringing together passionate renewable energy people from across the world.


    “Our teams have already delivered pioneering offshore wind farms, from the Taiwan Strait to the Belgian North Sea, as well as leading several onshore projects across the world, making JERA Nex well placed to deliver clean energy for a sustainable future.”


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