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    Invinity receives funding for a 30MWh UK battery

    The Government for Energy Security and Net Zero has today given £11 million in funding to Invinity Energy Systems Ltd for the construction of what it claims is the largest grid-scale battery ever made in the UK.


    The $11 million will be provided by the Longer Duration Energy Storage Demonstration Competition, and Invinity’s as-yet-unidentified project partner will equal that amount.


    Invinity’s factory in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland, will put the fast-response 30MWh battery together.


    It will function as a standalone energy storage asset located at a crucial National Grid node.


    The battery will be the longest-lasting battery asset linked to the UK grid when it goes active in 2025.


    According to Invinity, the battery will be able to store enough energy, including cheap renewables, to supply more than 3,500 UK houses’ daily electrical needs.


    Innovative Vanadium Flow Battery technology from Invinity is a replacement for more well-known lithium-ion batteries.


    According to Invinity, this battery is less harmful to the environment and less expensive to dispose of because it cannot catch fire, it is more durable because it does not deteriorate over time, and it is virtually entirely recyclable when it reaches the end of its 25+ year lifespan.


    Matt Harper, Chief commercial officer at Invinity, said “We appreciate the UK Department of Energy Security and Net Zero’s recognition of the importance of longer duration energy storage for grid stability and to making low-cost renewable power available on demand.”


    “We are grateful that Invinity was chosen from a very competitive field and look forward to delivering what will be the largest battery ever manufactured in the UK.”


    “We are pleased to help improve UK’s energy security, further demonstrate UK leadership in energy technology, and support UK industry and jobs.”


    “This award is a critical step in Invinity’s journey from development stage to a commercial supplier of batteries critical to the global path to net zero.”


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