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    GreenGO and Astrea collaborate on Italian photovoltaic projects

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    GreenGo has announced a partnership with Astrea Energia to develop two solar projects in Lombardy, northern Italy. The first project, already authorized, is a 3.5MW array situated on the flat terrain of a former quarry. The second, in its early stages, is a 5MW floating photovoltaic plant on a reservoir created from a previously mined area.


    These initiatives represent a significant shift in the Pavia region’s energy landscape, with a combined peak power of 8.5MWp planned and a connection to the local electricity grid. The first plant, covering 4.88 hectares, is set to begin construction by the end of the year and become operational by June 2025.


    The second project utilizing floating solar technology, will be developed on a 10.6-hectare reservoir, with a usable floating area of 6.60 hectares.


    Launched in 2023, the strategic partnership with Astrea Energia highlights Astrea’s extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, according to GreenGo.


    Astrea managed the development and authorization process, ensuring the solar energy produced by the two plants is optimized and ready for construction.


    Maria Sabella, Astrea Energia co-founder, said “Working with GreenGo, which represents excellence in our sector, on this innovative project is a truly enriching experience and demonstrates how value can be created through the pooling of synergies and skills.”


    “This operation adds to and enhances our project portfolio in northern Italy, which to date exceeds 300MW.”


    “We are confident that soon, thanks to the DM FER X, we will be able to boost the floating photovoltaic sector, which has compelling development potential in Italy, and which would need more convinced government support to be able to take off, also considering the positive environmental benefits by limiting the consumption of agricultural land and protecting water resources while respecting biodiversity.”


    “The proximity of the two plants will allow responsive benchmarking across the lifetime cycle of PV systems monitoring of the producibility of floating technology compared with the ground-mounted one.


    Fabio Amico, development director and member of GreenGo’s board of directors, added “This initiative in Lombardy confirms GreenGo’s multi-technological DNA, which ranges from wind power to storage, and our natural vocation to promote innovative energy solutions in the renewable energy sector with the challenge of achieving a sustainable LCOE for PV floating as well.”


    “With the support of public programmes for innovation in the RES sector, the goal is to realise in Italy the first utility-scale demonstration plant that could kick-start the industrial chain.”


    “Astrea, thanks to its design and excellent technical development skills demonstrated, is the ideal partner for us in this phase of accelerated territorial diversification and GreenGo industrial growth.”


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