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    Eleven turbines journey to the Green Genius wind park in Jurbarkas

    The renewable energy firm Green Genius, with operations spanning 8 European countries, erects its inaugural wind turbine in the Jurbarkas district of Lithuania. A convoy of 113 heavy-duty vehicles will transport a total of 11 turbines from the international port of Klaipeda to the wind park, completing the journey in 22 nights and aiming for completion by the end of April 2024.


    Each of these turbines, supplied by Nordex Group, comprises 13 primary components and will soar 240 meters above ground level. Due to intricate logistics, the transportation process may require up to 48 hours per turbine and necessitates nocturnal travel. Watch the video showcasing the transportation process: Watch Video


    PhD. Darius Biekša, Head of Green Genius wind and green hydrogen business, said “We’ve been working on Jurbarkas project with great care and consideration, composing one of the most significant onshore wind parks in Lithuania. It will contribute notably to the sustainability in the region, as wind energy is a key component to ensure a stable and efficient supply of green energy.”


    The installation of these eleven turbines necessitated the laying of over 80 kilometers of electricity cables at the construction site, a distance roughly equivalent to the span between Amsterdam and Rotterdam or Edinburgh and Glasgow. The foundation required 880 cubic meters of concrete, comparable to what’s needed for a small apartment block or residential complex.


    Each turbine’s foundation boasts a diameter of 25.5 meters, slightly wider than an Olympic swimming pool. Additionally, each foundation required 60 to 70 poles, ranging from 12 to 16 meters in length—equivalent to the height of a five-story building.


    The first phase of the Jurbarkas wind park, featuring these eleven turbines with a capacity of 63 MW, is set to commence operations in 2025. The second phase, adding another 17 MW, is poised to enter the construction phase soon.


    Upon completion, the entire 80 MW Jurbarkas wind park will constitute about 8% of Lithuania’s current wind energy portfolio. It will supply green electricity to Lithuanian businesses, resulting in savings of over 130,000 tons of CO2 annually. Green Genius is investing over €100 million in the construction of this wind park in Jurbarkas, Lithuania.


    About Green Genius 

    Green Genius is a renewable energy enterprise engaged in the development, construction, and operation of projects centered around solar, biogas, wind, and green hydrogen energy. Presently, the company maintains a substantial portfolio exceeding 2 gigawatts (GW) across multiple stages of development and construction in eight European nations. With over 15 years of accumulated expertise, Green Genius annually generates approximately 315 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of clean energy, mitigating the emission of over 210,000 tons of CO2. This reduction is roughly equivalent to the CO2 absorption capacity of 10 million trees in a year. As a member of the Modus Group, an international conglomerate with a presence in 11 European markets, Green Genius operates within a broader network of sustainability-driven entities. For more information: Green Genius


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