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    Deep Wind initiates a collaborative venture focused on sustainable fuel

    The Norwegian wind developer, Deep Wind Offshore, has entered into a partnership with the hydrogen company Hy2gen to generate environmentally friendly hydrogen.


    Knut Vassbotn, Deep Wind Offshore Chief executive, stated “The combination of offshore wind and hydrogen has got massive potential. It is not possible to achieve net zero without green energy carriers, who will need a massive amount of renewable energy,”


    “One of the main challenges with offshore wind development is access and capacity in the power grid. In combination with hydrogen, these challenges are removed, since the power the power from offshore wind can be used directly in production of green energy carriers. This is one of the drivers for the cooperation agreement with Hy2gen.”


    Hege Okland, Hy2gen Norway general manager, commented “Using energy carriers such as hydrogen is undoubtedly the most effective way to reduce CO2 emissions from industry and the transport sectors.


    “This also resonates with the EU’s climate target, that 42 per cent of hydrogen in industry must come from renewable energy sources by 2030.”


    Deep Wind Offshore is engaged in the development of offshore wind projects in Norway, Sweden, and South Korea, while Hy2gen specializes in developing and operating green hydrogen production facilities across various locations in Europe, the USA, and Canada.


    According to Deep Wind, the synergy between offshore wind and hydrogen enables the provision of green energy to previously inaccessible customer segments. These groups may not be directly electrifiable but can transition from conventional fossil fuels to green hydrogen.


    Okland said “The challenge with decarbonization is not ability or intentions, but access to renewable energy. Investment in grid infrastructure is resource-intensive and can be limited for new offshore wind projects,”


    “By producing hydrogen close to the offshore wind farm, we can reduce the load on the grid.”


    Norway has set a target to allocate 30GW of offshore wind by 2040. Deep Wind suggests that if 16GW of this capacity is transformed into ammonia, utilizing green hydrogen in the process for maritime fuel, it has the potential to eliminate 100% of Norway’s annual maritime emissions, which currently amount to 10 million tons of CO2.


    Okland commented “Hy2gen will bring insight into how energy from offshore wind can be optimally converted into specially adapted energy solutions,”


    “This can be hydrogen in liquid or pressurized form, ammonia, SAF or methanol.”


    She emphasized that ammonia has been identified as a highly significant zero-emissions fuel for the shipping industry. Hy2gen is already collaborating with two other partners to set up green ammonia production in Sauda, Norway.


    Okland highlighted the importance of increased access to renewable energy to provide the shipping sector with an ample supply of green ammonia, with offshore wind playing a crucial role in achieving this.


    A key objective of the partnership is to cultivate competitive projects with a robust market orientation. The integration of market expertise and the provision of additional renewable energy through offshore wind is seen as a strategy to enhance overall competitiveness.


    Vassbotn said “This is a rock-solid solution for reaching the climate goals,”


    “Together, we will develop a completely new value chain. By getting started early, Norway can take a leading position on the world market. That means increased exports and value creation.”


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