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    Corab and Kelfield letter of intent for 1GW Polish agri-PV project

    Corab and Kelfield have signed a letter expressing their intention to collaborate on a 1GW agri-photovoltaic project in Poland. This agreement sets the stage for their partnership in developing the project.


    The designated site for the project is agricultural land in the West Pomeranian and Pomeranian provinces.


    Corab will contribute their expertise and technological solutions specifically designed for the agri-photovoltaic sector. Kelfield, on the other hand, will be responsible for the engineering tasks and managing the investment process, which includes attracting investors and obtaining the necessary permits.


    The estimated cost of the components used in the project amounts to approximately €68 million.


    The project will utilize Corab’s WS-A10 fence-shaped vertical structures. These installations will be placed on agricultural land that is either challenging to cultivate or unsuitable for farming, such as meadows and pastures.


    Since freestanding agri-photovoltaic systems of this kind only occupy about 1% of the field area, they can be implemented successfully even on small farms. This allows the remaining land to be utilized for its original purpose, whether it be for agricultural activities or other uses.


    President of the Management Board of Corab, Piotr Markowski, said “We hope that the first gigawatt project will be followed by others, which will allow us to use the potential of this technology also for classic agricultural crops, of which we have plenty in our country.”


    “However, this will require introduction of several amendments to the law, which are necessary to make this type of activity in Poland both feasible and profitable.”


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