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    Zouk Capital

    Strengthening an Investment and Asset Management Team after Zouk’s £400 Million Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund Win

    Zouk Capital is a private equity firm that focuses on investments at the intersection of infrastructure, technology, and sustainability. They identify opportunities emerging in response to environmental and social challenges, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) and renewable energy sectors.

    The Challenge

    After winning a £400 million charging infrastructure investment fund, Zouk faced the challenge of building a highly skilled and experienced investment and asset management team to capitalize on the growing EV market. Finding professionals with specific expertise in this field proved to be a significant challenge.


    To meet Zouk’s requirements and headhunt the best talent across the infrastructure and renewable energy space, they partnered with InfraBe, a leading talent acquisition firm specialising in the energy sector.


    • Market Mapping and Analysis:

    InfraBe conducted a comprehensive market analysis to gain insights into the renewable energy and EV investment landscape. They identified major companies operating in these sectors, providing valuable intelligence on existing players and market dynamics.


    • Research and Talent Identification:

    Leveraging the market map and their own research capabilities, InfraBe’s dedicated team conducted a meticulous talent identification process. They searched for professionals with specific skills and experience required to drive Zouk’s expansion plans successfully. The resulting list of potential candidates formed the foundation for further assessment and selection.


    • Assessment and Selection:

    InfraBe employed a rigorous assessment process to evaluate the identified candidates. They reviewed their track records, analyzed their achievements in the renewable energy and EV sectors, and assessed their adaptability to new jurisdictions. Expertise in the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects was particularly crucial. InfraBe conducted interviews and assessments to gauge leadership skills, strategic thinking, and cultural fit with Zouk’s values and objectives.


    • Presentation and Decision-Making:

    InfraBe presented Zouk with a shortlist of the most qualified candidates, accompanied by comprehensive profiles highlighting their strengths and potential contributions to the organization. Zouk’s decision-makers were equipped with the necessary information to evaluate the candidates thoroughly and make informed hiring decisions. InfraBe provided support throughout the decision-making process, offering their expertise and insights to help Zouk make the best choices.


    The collaboration with InfraBe resulted in the successful recruitment of two highly talented professionals:


    • Nick Bradford joined as Portfolio Director, bringing a wealth of experience in the EV sector from his previous role at EDF.
    • George Lipczynski joined as a Senior Investment Associate, contributing his expertise from his time at Marubeni.


    With a strengthened investment and asset management team in place, Zouk Capital went on to make strategic investments in over 10 promising EV companies, consolidating their position in the renewable energy and EV sectors.

    Why InfraBe?

    The partnership between Zouk Capital and InfraBe exemplifies the capabilities of InfraBe in headhunting the best talent across the infrastructure and renewable energy space. By employing a data-driven approach, conducting comprehensive research, and utilising rigorous assessment methods, InfraBe enabled Zouk to build a high-performing team capable of driving their investment strategies in the rapidly evolving EV market. The successful outcomes achieved through this collaboration further solidify InfraBe’s reputation as a leading talent acquisition firm in the energy sector.

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