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    Low Carbon

    Establishing renewable energy teams! Headhunting the very best in class to help propel a fund across new juridictions


    Low Carbon is a privately-owned UK investment and asset management company founded in 2011. Low Carbon deploys capital at scale in order to invest in, develop, and operate large-scale renewable energy projects.

    The Challenge

    Low Carbon faced recruiting challenges as they were expanding into new and highly competitive markets, particularly in the US. Recognising the need for top-tier professionals with expertise in building new business areas, Low Carbon partnered with InfraBe, a specialized executive search firm, to identify and recruit the best talent available. InfraBe devised a comprehensive strategy to address the specific challenges faced by Low Carbon.


    Market Mapping and Analysis: InfraBe conducted an in-depth market analysis to gain a thorough understanding of the renewable energy landscape in the targeted jurisdictions. They identified major renewable energy companies and independent power producers (IPPs) operating in the USA and Germany. This detailed market map provided valuable insights into the existing players and market dynamics.


    Research and Talent Identification: Leveraging the market map and their extensive research capabilities, InfraBe’s dedicated research team embarked on a comprehensive talent identification process. They meticulously researched and evaluated professionals who possessed the skills and experience necessary to drive Low Carbon’s expansion plans successfully. The resulting list of potential candidates formed the foundation for further assessment and selection.


    Assessment and Selection: InfraBe employed a rigorous assessment process to evaluate the identified candidates. This involved reviewing their track records, analysing their previous achievements in the renewable energy sector, and assessing their ability to adapt to new jurisdictions. The candidates’ expertise in development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects was particularly crucial for Low Carbon’s requirements. InfraBe conducted interviews and assessments to gauge their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and cultural fit with Low Carbon’s values and objectives.


    Presentation and Decision-Making: InfraBe presented Low Carbon with a shortlist of the most qualified candidates, along with comprehensive profiles highlighting their strengths and potential contributions to the organization. Low Carbon’s decision-makers were provided with the necessary information to evaluate the candidates thoroughly and make informed hiring decisions. InfraBe also provided support throughout the decision-making process, offering their expertise and insights to help Low Carbon make the best choices.


    By partnering with InfraBe, Low Carbon successfully overcame the challenges associated with expanding into new jurisdictions. Through the meticulous market mapping, talent identification, and thorough assessment processes, Low Carbon was able to acquire top-tier professionals with the expertise needed to establish and grow its operations in the North American and German renewable energy markets. These newly recruited senior-level professionals brought their experience and knowledge to Low Carbon, enabling the company to navigate the complexities of these markets and seize promising opportunities.


    The collaboration with InfraBe not only bolstered Low Carbon’s human capital but also enhanced the company’s reputation as a serious player in the global renewable energy sector. Low Carbon’s successful expansion into new jurisdictions further solidified its position as an innovative and leading investment and asset management company focused on driving sustainable solutions and contributing to the global energy transition.


    By attracting the best talent and building high-performing renewable energy teams, Low Carbon was well-equipped to capitalise on the growing opportunities in the North American and German renewable energy markets, ultimately propelling their ambition to create new renewable energy and contribute to the world’s move to 100% renewable energy.


    Congratulating the successful candidates:


    • Murad Can : Managing Director Germany
    • Ed Shelton : Managing Director North America

    Why InfraBe?

    “For those out there looking for renewable energy recruiting services, working with the InfraBe team was great. Even though I was initially not looking for new opportunities, Miguel took the time to understand what I was looking for in my next career step and made sure I was informed about opportunities as they came up. When my current role at Low Carbon came to market, I could tell that Miguel had already thought carefully about the role and my interest before approaching me. InfraBe helped make the recruiting process with Low Carbon seamless and the team were always a good sounding board. I highly recommend Miguel and the InfraBe team for their recruiting services.”


    Ed Shelton, Managing Director (North Amercia)


    InfraBe are without doubt one of the main players in the world of European renewable energy recruitment. I wasn’t actively looking but Miguel’s delicate and personable approach was clear from the first meeting. His passion and enthusiasm for his client is contagious and we quickly built a relationship of trust and respect. The breadth of their network and absolute professionalism set them apart from the rest of the field. Thanks once again for all of your support.


    Murad Can, Manging Director (Germany)

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