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    Appointment of John Bosche by ArcVera Renewables

    Image: ArcVera

    ArcVera Renewables has announced that John Bosche (centre) has been appointed to the standards committee board of the American Renewable Energy Standards and Certification Association (ARESCA).


    ARESCA serves as the representative body in the United States for collaborating with the International Electrical Committee (IEC) on global standards pertaining to wind, solar, and marine energy.


    The board’s responsibility is to oversee the United States’ participation in establishing and maintaining national and international standards for renewable energy technology.


    John Bosche, President and Principal Mechanical Engineer, as well as a founding partner of ArcVera Renewables, expressed his appreciation for being chosen to join this influential group that focuses on developing standards. He emphasized that this appointment aligns with ArcVera’s commitment to accelerate the worldwide adoption of renewable energy.


    With over two decades of experience, Bosche has actively contributed to the development of IEC standards.


    His involvement includes playing a role in the creation of standards such as IEC 61400-12-1 and 61400-12-2, which pertain to power performance testing, as well as more recently, IEC 61400-50-3, a standard specifically addressing the use of nacelle-mounted lidar instruments for power performance testing. Furthermore, he participates in a collaborative working forum that is establishing a framework for model validation.


    Throughout his career, Bosche has also been engaged with the United States Technical Advisory Group and the technical standards committee of the American Clean Power (formerly the American Wind Energy Association – AWEA).


    Additionally, he contributes his expertise to IECRE, an organization focused on peer assessment of certification bodies and test laboratories, with the objective of harmonizing and standardizing the implementation of IEC standards related to wind, solar, and marine energy.


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