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    Apostolos Kotsaris appointed as CTO of Aukera Energy

    InfraBe are delighted to have completed the recent placement of Apostolos Kotsaris who joins Aukera as Chief Technical officer.


    Apostolos brings an impressive track record with more than two and a half decades of global expertise in the energy and power sector across construction, operations, and maintenance.


    Prior to joining Apostolos served as the Director of Delivery at Lightsource bp, where he played a pivotal role in managing the construction and delivery of a multi-gigawatt project portfolio worldwide. His contributions were instrumental in driving the substantial expansion and success of the company, starting in 2018 shortly after BP’s partial acquisition of Lightsource.


    Another pivotal hire across the global renewable energy space building on our track record as one of the leading renewable energy executive search companies in the market.


    About Aukera

    Aukera is a leading renewable energy developer and IPP headquartered in Brussels that was founded in 2021. It is focussed on the development, construction and operation of wind, solar and battery projects across Europe. Aukera is currently developing a 7.5 GW pipeline of solar, wind and battery storage projects in the UK, Germany, Italy and Romania and expects to have 1.5 GW of assets under construction or in operation by 2026.


    Our approach

    Market Mapping and Analysis: InfraBe conducted an in-depth market analysis to gain a thorough understanding of the renewable energy landscape in the targeted jurisdictions. They identified major renewable energy companies and independent power producers (IPPs) operating across europe. This detailed market map provided valuable insights into the existing players and market dynamics.


    Research and Talent Identification: Leveraging the market map and their extensive research capabilities, InfraBe’s dedicated research team embarked on a comprehensive talent identification process. They meticulously researched and evaluated professionals who possessed the skills and experience necessary to drive Aukera’s plans successfully. The resulting list of potential candidates formed the foundation for further assessment and selection.


    Assessment and Selection: InfraBe employed a rigorous assessment process to evaluate the identified candidates. This involved reviewing their track records, analysing their previous achievements in the renewable energy sector, and assessing their ability to adapt to new jurisdictions. The candidates’ expertise in development and construction of renewable energy projects was particularly crucial for Aukera’s requirements. InfraBe conducted interviews and assessments to gauge their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and cultural fit with Aukera’s values and objectives.


    Presentation and Decision-Making: InfraBe presented Aukera Energy with a shortlist of the most qualified candidates, along with comprehensive profiles highlighting their strengths and potential contributions to the organization. Aukera’s decision-makers were provided with the necessary information to evaluate the candidates thoroughly and make informed hiring decisions. InfraBe also provided support throughout the decision-making process, offering their expertise and insights to help Aukera make the best choices.


    The outcome

    “Apostolos has an impressive track record and is one of the heavyweights in his field in Europe. We admire and are motivated by what Lightsource bp has achieved over the past 5 years and the role that Apostolos played in this journey. We are keen to use his experience of this growth to build a best-in-class team and business” said Catalin Breaban, co-founder of Aukera.”


    Miguel De Sousa – Director and Head of Renewable Energy at InfraBe

    “The market is incredibly finite for this skill set and the search required precision whilst leveraging our network we have built over a decade. Mentioning the close client partnership and leveraging our unique search methodology emphasises the value that InfraBe brings to the table. It underlines our reputation as a leading boutique search firm in the renewable energy sector”


    Who are InfraBe?

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