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    700MW hydrogen deal between H2 Green Steel and Thyssenkrupp Nucera

    H2 Green Steel and Thyssenkrupp Nucera, a German electrolysis specialist, have formed a partnership to establish a 700MW electrolysis plant in Boden, Sweden.


    Under the agreement, Thyssenkrupp Nucera will contribute its expertise in alkaline water electrolysis technology (AWE) and large-scale electrolysis plant engineering.


    Thyssenkrupp Nucera has an impressive track record, with more than 600 completed projects and a total capacity of over 10GW in chlor-alkali technology.


    Their flagship product, the ‘scalum’ module, is a standardized AWE unit with a capacity of 20MW.


    Through this collaboration, Thyssenkrupp Nucera will provide a capacity exceeding 700MW to the electrolysis plant, potentially making the H2 Green Steel facility one of the largest AWE installations globally once it is operational.


    The giga-scale electrolysis plant, a pioneering initiative, will employ multiple complementary technologies for green hydrogen production, a distinctive approach adopted by H2 Green Steel.


    This combination of technologies will enable efficient cost optimization and operational flow, as each technology’s core benefits can be utilized.


    To realize this ambitious project, H2 Green Steel is partnering with leading experts in design, construction, equipment, operations, and financing from around the world.


    Maria Persson Gulda, H2 Green Steel chief technology officer, said “The electrolysis plant in Boden will be many times bigger than most electrolyzer installations that exist today.”


    “Combining our own strong technical expertise with that of an experienced electrolysis supplier like thyssenkrupp nucera gives us a solid edge in the growing green hydrogen economy, which we will leverage to transform hard to abate industries.”


    “We start with steel in Boden, Sweden, but it’s only the beginning.”


    The hydrogen generated at the Boden electrolysis plant will be utilized on-site in a direct reduction process to convert iron ore into sponge iron, facilitating the production of green steel.


    The electrolyzer units will play a vital role in optimizing the operational and economic advantages of using hydrogen in the steel mill. Additionally, this process serves as the basis for creating new patented intellectual property assets.


    The efforts leading up to the contract signing were made possible with the support of Sweden’s Industrial Leap program, spearheaded by the Swedish Energy Agency.


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